Marble Demolition & Restoration Contracting Services NYC

Marble counter tops are, undeniably, the best fit for the modern kitchen. Homeowners often go for stone installation as they make the kitchen look appealing and pleasing to the eyes of the guests or visitors. When it comes to installing the marble countertops, the selection of the right contractor is essential. We are professionals with 25 years of experience and proven craftsmanship. Our main goal is to focus on quality of materials, and customer’s convenience throughout the project.

We specialize in Marble Countertops

Usually, marble countertops installation falls under the general construction service. We pride ourselves in providing services with a great deal of respect in order to accommodate the needs of our clients.

We specialize in designing and remodeling marble countertops for your kitchens in NYC. We are a reliable and trustworthy company who only provide their customers with top class services.

We have a dedicated team of professionals

Our team of professionals is fully equipped and committed to every project from start to finish. While doing the project, our team also makes sure that the property if fully protected from all the potential risks and hazards Also, our experts are licensed and insured.

Marble countertops enhance the beauty of your kitchen. If you want to install marble countertops, you must rely only on trustworthy contractor. Therefore, you can count on us because we hold the experience in the industry and make use of the-state-of-art technology to give you the desired output. We are known to make a kitchen look desirable.

Do you need a reliable contractor? When it comes to choosing the contractor for your countertop needs, It is important to choose a reliable one. With our 25 years of experience in the industry, we are quite well-versed with the industry standards and norms. You will not even face any difficulty with the local authority, in general, to undertake any home improvement or remodeling project. The installation of marble countertop needs great artistry and accuracy. Our professionals are aware of the fact that marble needs to be handled carefully and therefore, they work accordingly. Thus, we offer best outcome to our customers.

While availing home improvement services in Queens NY, you need to be careful and check the certificate of the architect and the company or the contractor before giving them your nod. It is important to ask them if they hold valid certification with validation from the local authority or not. Our company, however, holds valid certificate and we have proper insurance documentation to satisfy our customers’ queries as well.

Miscellaneous Services

You can also avail our other services such as block retaining wall design, installing retaining wall blocks, custom colored concrete install and other high-end concrete construction services.

We encourage our clients to be part of the process. For this, we ask out client to review designs, select materials, ask us questions, inspect and much more. We blend our customer’s vision with our expertise and experience to make it a reality with Marble Stone Contracting.

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