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The sidewalk is a paved path for pedestrians and a prime aspect of any property adjacent to it. Well-paved sidewalks make up for a perfect walking lane for the pedestrians and treat to the eyes. It can be commonly called a footpath alongside the road. In many cities, sidewalk safety is one of the essential duties of the government as well as citizens. Concrete Repair NYC, as one of the professional concrete repair and maintenance contractors serving the NYC area thinks that it’s important to educate people about sidewalk violation and the necessary steps that can be taken in that regard.

What is Sidewalk Violation?

Sidewalk Contractor BronxSidewalks are often subject to damages because of environmental degradation or ground movement. Sometimes because of tree roots and improper construction, they crack or tear up to become hazardous. Such an old sidewalk can attract violation notice from the department of transportation (DOT). The initial notice doesn’t come along with fine or any such obligations. It only includes information regarding the defected sidewalk and what kind of repair you have to make. The notice also includes a deadline of 45 days. If you are unable to respond to the notice for some reason within the mentioned time, then DOT may perform the work and then bill you from their end. It is the responsibility of the property owner to fix up the unsound sidewalk adjacent to your property. The department of transportation cannot repair all the sidewalks unless the reason for defect claims to be unique or irreparable such as growing of tree roots in the middle of the sidewalk.

Step by Step Process to Remove Sidewalk Violation

1. Hire Professional Contractors

Maintaining sidewalk safety is the responsibility of both the property owner and the DOT agency. The moment you receive a notice of violation, schedule a meeting or visit professional contractors for a quick repair of the rickety sidewalk. It is extremely vital to hire a licensed and experienced contractor to avoid any complications regarding the permits and rules of the department of transportation agencies. Concrete Repair NYC is the best concrete sidewalk contractor in Bronx. It also serves other nearby areas of NYC.

2. Call for Reinspection

After the completion of repair, you cannot sit back and relax. To remove the violation officially, you have to call the DOT agency to send their officers to perform a reinspection according to your availability. You can also visit 311 websites where you can fill a reinspection request form for a quick response.

3. Get the Confirmation

Once the inspection gets over through licensed contractors specializing in Sidewalk Repair in Bronx or by the government officials, you can officially get rid of sidewalk violation and make up for a safe city with a sound walkway for the pedestrians.

Sidewalk Violation Removal Bronx - How to Contest a Violation Notice?

Sometimes on account of misconceptions and confusion, violations may be issued to an incorrect property owner. Thereupon, it is important to go through the information regarding the property area and the damage mentioned in your notice. If you do not find any such marked defects in your walkway, you have the right to call for reinspection by a different inspector.

After the successful completion of the second inspection, you have to take responsibility for the repair if the result of the reinspection shows any hazard to the safety.

With information as mentioned above regarding sidewalk violation and maintenance, you can easily handle any sort of issues regarding the sidewalk adjoining your property.

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