Being a homeowner, everybody tries out different sorts of things to embellish the interior as well as the exterior in their own way. The sense of accomplishment you get by finishing up your own renovations can’t be described in words, this is inexplicable! And why not? Any additions and repairs in the home make a statement that speaks ‘ownership and pride’ for years to come. At times, not everything you repair works out well, for which casual know-how and expertise is required. In such cases, taking advice from the professional concrete contractor in Flushing NY won’t disappoint you.

When it comes to ny residential concrete pouring projects, they demand extensive experience than your DIY home repair. There are so many things involved while building concrete additions that might go wrong due to little mistakes.  Here is a list of some common DIY concrete project mistakes that take place during construction or repairs.

Slippery Surfaces

Slippery surfaces though create the glossy and exquisite look and give a feel of smoothness the moment eyes fall on the surface, but when it comes to flooring, slick surfaces are dangerous too and cause accidents. Just imagine, the slick and slant surface might give you a good feel at a first glance but definitely walking on a surface is utterly a rubbish idea. So, to get over this problem, it would be better to pay attention to the concrete finish and add some texture to make the surface look good and rough at the same time.

To add the roughness on the surface of the concrete, the easiest way you can choose is to go with the use of a broom. Instead of contacting an ordinary sweeper, it is better to call a Brooklyn concrete solutions company for good broom they will help you develop more consistent lines. Even if you are doing it all by yourself, using parallel strokes will be better so that it could overlap each other. If the surface is too rough, then rinse it little bit and wet your broom as per the requirement.

Uneven Forms

When it comes to constructing forms, placing them correctly in the excavated area sometimes proves to be a painstaking process. Taking enough time to build them correctly will come as a good deal for a long-term. Uneven forms can have far-reaching consequences, so ensure to accomplish this task correctly from the onset while paying attention to every single detail.

Incorrect Height

Before starting the concrete pouring project, it is better to measure the final height in advance. Pouring to the right level will only give you the right result or else you will have to redo the project entirely. This project will not only be time-consuming and energy draining, but it can also be costly. If you are unsure about the exact height of the slab, choosing a professional concrete contractors bronx will help you get a better idea of a practical height.

Excessive Use Of Water

The ratio of water should be correct if you want the ideal result. At times, adding too much of water makes the concrete wet as a result of which the concrete loses its strength. The concrete should be smooth, not runny. Most of the time homeowners think that soft concrete is much easier to work with as compared to dry concrete but more water in the concrete tends to weaken the concrete. Doing this is compromising with the quality and strength of the surface. So always remember to use the right amount of water for the long-lasting result.

Following the above tips will help you avoid the mistakes that you unknowingly do. This post will help you and give you the right solution that you can follow.

If you need any help pertaining to the DIY concrete projects, our professionals are there to guide and assist you and sort out your residential dilemma. You can call on +1(347)-941-0100  for any additional query and concern.

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