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Veneer and Cultured Stone

Stones are the oldest construction materials available to mankind, but the main drawback of using a natural stone for construction is that they are expensive and are of heavy weight. As a result, veneer and cultured stone have become a stone of choice for many in the recent times. 

Veneer and cultured stone are the best solutions for renovating and redesigning a home or a building. Whether it is the inside of your home or outside, cultured stone and veneer have the potential to make your home stunningly modern and beautiful.

When it comes to installing veneer and cultured stone, expert craftsmanship is essential for sharp-looking as well as long-lasting results. Concrete Repair NYC offers complete masonry services including professional installation of veneer and cultured stone in most affordable and versatile choices. Find out from us how it can add beauty, elegance and value to your home and landscape!

Benefits of Veneer and Cultured Stone

  • Veneer      and Cultured Stone adds texture and gives nature stone beauty to the      living spaces. 
  • They      are much thinner than real stones and are hence great for renovations.
  • They      are cost-effective and offer incredible value.
  • They      weigh less than natural stone and are much easier and faster to install. 
  • As      they come in a plethora of different colors, sizes and shapes, homeowners      can create something as per their personal style and taste. 
  • Most      of them are manufactured from recycled materials.
  • They      are maintenance free. 

Style and Class

Add style and class to your property through our wide range of stones. We offer stones of all shapes and sizes to make your property look unique among your peers. 


Our team of professionals pays utmost attention to detail in designing and ensure that we deliver results with durable installation. 

Extensive Experience

With 25 years of experience and proven craftsmanship, our aim to meet the building needs of our clients. Without compromising the quality we put in effort to provide long lasting service. Rest is assured that you are a getting a reliable agency to do your job. 


We offer cost-effective services and promise to deliver all what you are looking for. Next time you need masonry services, get in touch with our team.


Our knowledgeable staff would be able to answer all your questions regarding the stone products.

Veneer and Cultured Stone Services we offer:

Concrete Repair NYC has extensive experience in installing cultured stone and veneer on posts, chimneys, walls etc. We install veneer and cultured stone for the following projects:

  • Living      rooms and Dining rooms 
  • Residential      and Commercial buildings
  • Fireplaces      
  • Facades      
  • Interiors      and Exteriors 

Reach out to us for any installation needs and avail top-notch services from our team of experts. Get in touch with our team in Culture Repair NYC today to know more and discuss the premium-quality installation of veneer and cultured stone today. Concrete Repair NYC is your best choice for Masonry Contractors in Queens NY for all your veneer and cultured stone needs. Call in to get a free estimate from us today!

Commercial & Residential General Veneer Stone Contractor in Brooklyn

Commercial & Residential General Veneer Stone Contractor in Queens

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